Friday, July 27, 2012

mullen takeover - the physical space

File under "Better late than never": Here are photos from our space we designed and illustrated for the Mullen agency takeover last summer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ad agency Interactive space take over (from spring 2011)

Here is a project I worked on in 2011 - A cafeteria/common room interactive takeover at a major ad agency here in Boston.

We did a gigantic mural which went on wall space in the common room. Then we had narrative icons (that made up the mural) separated out and pasted to tables along with QR codes that launched a video with corresponding relevant content on a hand-held device (iphone) when prompted by the QR code. The space was also dressed up to look spring-like, with grass boxes in the windows. It was very pretty. Employees would get special treats about every day, associated with our business/company. Many of these treats were geared toward showing our relevancy and usefulness, such as a free newspaper. Some were just cute and associated with reading news in the morning, like free cereal.

The ultimate goal of the take-over was to share information with the agency about all the ways we can assist them in their goals to provide outstanding advertising options to them in the online space.
An executive team here held a couple of events there in the space, for all at the ad agency to attend, throughout the life-span of the takeover (about 1.5 weeks).

I got to produce all of the art that was displayed. What a proud moment. It was a really tight time frame (of course :D)  and the entire project had a LOT of moving parts, technical needs, video, tons of promotional goods, everyone had a hand in it.. We all worked really hard to make it happen and in the end it turned out great. 

The finished mural was gigantic. I don't have a 72 dpi copy of it handy but I'll post it here when I have access to it.

Boston Shops redesign '11

 These were never used– the project was shelved until this year– but some of them were nice options.
(Headers and Footers)

Some of the above and a couple of others mocked into emails:

Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pretty excited about the Genghis ads. I designed the ads yes but I also took the photo of Genghis. I never had a picture I took published before so it is fun!